Conversation with Francis Bakin: Introduction

After a couple of weeks of alternating between resting on my laurels and a kind of post-partum feeling after completing the record, I'm back to work mode. Starting on the next batch of songs. It's funny how quickly the love affair with a new record goes away. I'm looking foward to performing the songs on stage, but beyond that I'm moving on. I'm nothing if not fickle.

Anyway, before I head into the next abyss of a project I thought I'd talk a little about the record, how the songs came to be. Just for the record, I am being heavily influenced here by my friend Philip Shelley. He was the songwriter/singer of the first band I ever joined, Philip Shelley and His Amazing All-Girl Band, and he has one of my favorite blogs, here: He takes his extensive catalog of songs and discusses them one by one. He's promised me an interview, so stay tuned for that.

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