Slow Glow

This song was done early on and never really changed much. Gretchen's slide is spectacular. The sounds she got, the atmospheric magic she makes, I just think it's so cool. We recorded those guitars a long time ago and I never touched them since. Rob's feel on this one makes it extra slinky.

Most of the female singers I like are blues singers. Vocally, it's sort of my natural tendency, the blues. I love the hollerers like Bessie and Dinah, and the Billies and Ellas alike. I like vocals to be a little wrong, in the best sense. I don't need to catch every word to know what you're telling me. And I like the voice that's unique and imperfect. Tom Waits, Screamin Jay, Mose Allison, Dylan, Jagger, Richards, Levon Helm, Captain Beefheart, Plant. Rob and I were obsessively listening to Ronnie Wood and Freddie King in the studio, and most nights ended with us each picking a corner of the room to drunkenly stumble around in and sing at the top of our lungs. Rob and I love the "wrong" that happens when a performer is feeling it. It's what bonds us as producers.

I'm not sure where the words came from, but I have a picture of what the song is now. I won't share it.

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