Marathon Runner

I was in this intensive physical training program when I started working on this record. My trainer, Jim Karanas, was unbelieveably inspiring, and I got so much out of his training. It was as much about the mind as it was about the physical. The only thing stopping me from being able to do something is my head. I found that out on the rowing machine. It was awesome. And that mindset really helped me push through the self-doubt times of writing.

I like the three meanings of the chorus. I intended it one way, and I think it's not the way most people will hear it. But that's cool, as long as it means something to someone.

I think I said before, this was the first song that Gretchen and I wrote together for this project. We were so excited once we had it. The only things I added in the studio were live drums and a new vocal, and Rob tied it all together on bass. I'm really looking forward to doing this one live.

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